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Chassis Design

While the ZONE RV purpose built steel chassis is designed to be strong and lightweight, it’s also engineered to suit our unique build style and monocoque construction. Most importantly, it’s tailored to conquer Australia’s toughest terrains.

The key design element to our chassis is the single chassis rail (6-inch full-length rails accompanied by laser cut and CNC folded members) that runs from the front of the caravan to the rear of the caravan. We’ve eliminated the normal chassis structure that is found in conventional caravans, used to support plywood flooring. Instead, we use a 32mm infused fibreglass floor panel which is glued directly down onto the chassis. This creates a robust, singular structure and significantly reduces the weight of the chassis.

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Timber-less Cabinetry

The core innovation ZONE RV brings to the Australian caravan manufacturing industry is the monocoque build technique (used in marine and aerospace industries); the ZONE RV world-leading cabinetry design and technology, amalgamates the manufacturing process, delivering a fully bonded composite caravan.

The ZONE RV cabinetry design difference is:

  • Precision cut composite panels, that reduces weight making it light and strong
  • Quality hardware, hinges, and latches to ensure cabinetry integrity whilst travelling
  • Composite skins fully bonded to an aluminium cabinetry frame to create strength
  • Cabinetry is bonded to the caravan floor to create a strong caravan
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Single Composite Panel Construction

ZONE RV is at the caravan industry forefront with the use of genuine fibreglass composite panels and frameless monocoque construction. ZONE RV doesn’t use an aluminium nor timber frame, instead using composite panels for the floor, walls, and roof fully bonded together to create an extremely strong and lightweight structure.

ZONE RV uses two types of fibreglass composite panels – a solid core composite panel with fibreglass skins on either side to make up the walls and roof of the caravan, while the floor is a single resin-infused fibreglass panel with a high-density PET foam core. This floor panel technology creates an incredibly strong structure; this is the crux of the caravan’s strength.

The key difference with ZONE RV’s composite panels are the solid foam core construction that provide the highest thermal properties for optimal insulation making the caravans cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

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Electrical & Plumbing

ZONE RV uses a unique build process of constructing the caravans ‘inside out’. Meaning that the electrical wiring, gas and plumbing lines are installed prior to the walls and roof being fixed to the caravan structure. This technique has several benefits including; wires are neatly concealed behind the cabinetry, specific access portals are installed throughout the van for easy access, and all of the electrical and plumbing work is fully tested and commissioned for any faults and rectified prior to the walls and roof going into position. 

For future upgrades or regular services, accessing the necessary wiring and plumbing is easy, fast and far more efficient in a ZONE RV, than having to remove a whole wall on a conventionally built caravan.