Meet The Lifestyle Pioneers

Inspire, Educate And Equip Australians for Adventure

The Lifestyle Pioneers are Simon and Liz Bailey, who, along with their two young sons, traverse Australia in their Zone RV Base, sharing their adventures and travelling advice online via a thriving YouTube.

Documenting their adventures in weekly half-hour videos every Sunday, the travelling family are exploring all corners of Australia whilst offering valuable advice to inspire, educate and equip adventure-minded people on off-grid and off-road caravan living. 

“Adventure travel can be the experience of a lifetime, but it pays to be well prepared,” says Simon. “So, we’re sharing all the tips, tricks and shortcuts we’ve learned along the way to ensure your trip is safe, fun, easy and enjoyable.” 

The Lifestyle Pioneers actively coach and support viewers to help make an adventure lifestyle a practical reality. “We’re helping people build the skills and courage to make the change and do what they love,” says Simon.

Being well equipped is essential to successful caravan travel, and The Lifestyle Pioneers’ approach is to keep things as simple and practical as possible while maintaining comfort and affordability. “We want to ensure you’re equipped for whatever adventure lies ahead and save you time, money and some heartache in the process,” says Simon.

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Travelling full-time with young children is also a part of the adventure, with Liz and Simon balancing their two sons’ educational needs whilst providing unique experiences fostering a love for the Australian environment and quality family time. Their eldest son Harrison does remote learning via School of the Air, supported by Liz, a qualified teacher. “I enjoyed many years teaching in a classroom, but I’m loving the challenge and reward that comes from guiding my son’s education,”

The Lifestyle Pioneers recently co-starred on four episodes of What’s Up Downunder, a lifestyle caravan and camping TV show that airs nationally on Network 10. “Apart from being lovely people, we chose them to be on four episodes of our TV Show, What’s Up Downunder, because of their strong social following, great ‘across the board’ content and their outlook on life,” says Warren Parröt, Executive Producer, Parable Productions.  

With over a year of off-grid caravan travel already under their belts, The Lifestyle Pioneers are only just getting started. “We’ve never felt more balanced, and we’re living on our terms,” says Simon. “We have the skills and confidence to seize any adventure that takes our fancy.”

“Whether you’re planning a day trip, a weekender, or the trip of a lifetime, we hope our travel adventures will help inspire yours,” says Liz. 

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