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The Zone RV Expedition is our most adventurous model yet. The aggressive rear departure angle, shorter length and pop top roof allow you to tackle the toughest tracks. Featuring a full sized queen bed, living off grid is more comfortable than ever!


Expedition off-road hybrid caravan specifications

Expedition Off-Road Caravan


  • Overall Body length: 7.2m/  23.7ft
  • Body Length: 6.03m/ 19.9ft
  • External Width: 2.05m/ 6.8ft
  • External Height (Roof Down): 2.55m/ 8.4ft
  • External Height (Roof Extended): 3.16m/ 10.4ft
  • Internal Height (Roof Down) 1453mm/ 4.7ft
  • Internal Height (Roof Up) 2053mm/ 6.7ft

Starting Weights

  • Starting Weight: 2280kg (Prototype)

Starting weights are without additional options and with empty water tanks.

Expedition off-road hybrid caravan weight


Lithium Battery Charger

The REDARC Manager 30 is used in combination with a BCDC1250D to achieve up to 80A charging while driving, from solar or mains power. Manager 30 connects to the RedVision display and app for effortless switching and data display.

Lithium Battery Bank

Larger battery banks help you ride out bad weather until full solar generation returns. If you plan on spending longer periods off-grid, larger banks are ideal.


Bigger capacity solar arrays allow the battery banks to be replenished rapidly in peak sunshine. Connect a portable solar blanket to reach the sun from shaded campsites or extra solar power. Please note that this image shows the maximum capacity of solar 1080 watts. Standard option will be 720 watts.


The included 3,000W 240V inverter is powerful enough to run most of your appliances.


300L Fresh Water


  • 100l poly grey water tank
  • Greywater bypass system



  • Strong yet lightweight construction 
  • Hot dipped galvanized steel chassis

Protection Pack

The protection pack adds a rubberised tough coat on the draw bar and the front of the caravan body.

Expedition off-road caravan pop top roof open

Pop Top Roof

The Expedition has a pop top roof that’s easy to manoeuvre while traveling, but still provides a spacious interior when living in. Plus, the roof is fully automatic and can be extended with the push of a button thanks to electric actuators.

Suspension, Brakes & Stud

From the factory, we can only offer the above options.


The airbags in Cruisemaster suspension can be used to level your caravan left to right.

The option includes an outlet to use the onboard compressor for tyre inflation.

Wheels & Tyres

While we do offer popular stud patterns, unfortunately, it’s not possible to swap or provide wheels for factory fitment.

Spare Wheel

1 spare wheel is included as a standard option.

Couplings & ATM Limits

The Expedition will come with a DO35 hitch rated at 3,500kg.

Recovery Points

  • Pair of rated rear recovery points
  • We recommend using a bridle to distribute the load across both points during recoveries


Maxtrax is the easiest and safest option for a variety of recoveries. We offer Zone RV branded Maxtrax.

Reversing Camera

  • Reversing camera with both wide and narrow lenses
  • In-vehicle monitor provides comprehensive visibility

GPS Odometer

The Hummingbird Electronics Odometer operates via GPS and makes tracking service intervals effortless.


Floor Plan & Measurements

The Expedition series comes with a comfortable Queen bed, a cozy cafe-style lounge, and a private ensuite with separate shower and toilet, as well as ample storage options.

Door Position

Rear Door

Expedition off-road caravan door position

Queen Bed

We offer a comfortable queen mattress.

Double Bunk Option

  • Top bunk will suspend from the roof 1.6m long and load rating of 60kg.
  • Bottom bunk will be an insert to go in the café style lounge 1.6m long.
  • This is a concept model and is subject to changes.

Bedroom Features

  • Queen size bed
  • Dual sirocco fans
  • Bed side window
  • Bed side storage options

Kitchen Features


  • Bushman Upright Fridge 85L
  • Overhead storage
  • Dual induction cook top
  • Vanity mixer
  • Large undermounted sink
  • Shelved storage areas
  • Upright fridge
  • Cupboard storage
  • Orange lighting within the kitchen area


  • Thetford fridge 175L
  • Coffee or prep station

Kitchen & Bathroom Fittings

Black (including cabinetry handles)


Cabinet Construction

  • Zone RV’s unique composite (timberless) cabinetry with alloy plating system and positive locking smooth pull latches
  • Overhead locker storage in the outdoor kitchen and living area
  • Bed side storage options


Lounge Colour & Upholstery

We use New Zealand leather which may have colour and grain variations due to the nature of this natural material.

Lounge Configuration

  • Café style lounge 
  • Adjustable table


Dual HOB induction cooktop

Diesel Water Heater

  • 15L diesel buffer tank
  • Plumbed to the shower
  • Plumbed to the kitchen
Webasto diesel hot water system

Air Conditioner

  • Cooling capacity ranges from 2400 W to 3400 W
  • Low profile, slimline design
  • Low noise
  • Works with 3,000W inverter option
  • Efficient diesel air heater recommended for longer stays off-grid

Diesel Air Heater

Diesel air heater

Interior Features

  • Redarc redivision display
  • 2 wall mounted sirocco fans
  • TV bracket
  • Bedside nooks for personal items


The WITI the Motion Sensor (led light above the diesel heater controller) will detect movement and it will sound a loud alarm, and it will apply the brakes on the caravan if someone tries to move the van. 

The GPS tracking feature is a Subscription paid directly to Witi,

$49 per year – The signal is sent once per hour to the Cell towers to track the caravan location. This is better suited for weekend trips.

$228.00 per year The signal is sent constantly to the Cell towers to track the caravan location.  Better for full time travelling.


24″ Smart TV

Washing Machine

  • Daewoo
  • Great for off grid living
  • 2kg capacity


Storage Areas

  • Large under bed storage area
  • Dual access from toolbox with shelving areas
  • All storage areas are waterproof.

Outdoor Lights

  • A powerful LED STEDI light is on the rear over the rear bar.
  • Outdoor lighting is fitted over the kitchen with insect repellent options.

Drill Driven Jack

  • Is operated by cordless drill, manual handle also included.
  • Large swivel base plate               
  • Rigid double clamp set up
  • Australian Made
  •  8 ” Double Offset wheel

Windows & Doors

  • Security door with mesh
  • Marine style hatches on all external doors.
  • 360 windows above the body when the roof is lifted.


Double Step – Manual


Two rear stabilisers in combination with the front jack provide the necessary stability at camp while saving weight.

Electric Awning

Electric awnings are faster to set up and are great for shorter stays and roadside stops.

Outdoor Tap & Shower

  • Lockable outdoor tap
  • Hot & cold outdoor shower
  • Water hose connection at the rear of the caravan next to wheel

BBQ Slide

  • BBQ slide is stored in the front storage box
  • Can be used for multiple purposes including a BBQ

Bike Carrier Mount

This mount attaches above the rear bar and suits the iSi bike carriers specifically (sold separately). These carriers are particularly strong across corrugations and don’t obstruct the lights or number plate.

Bike Carrier mount

Your Build

Delivery timeframe: February 2025