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  1. Australian Consumer Law
    1. Zone RV Vans and Parts are covered by the guarantees which cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. Owners are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and for compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality, and the failure does not amount to a major failure.
  1. Zone RV Warranty
    1. Zone RV warrants to the Owner that it will during the Zone RV Warranty Period, at its option, repair, replace or adjust free of charge at the premises of Zone RV or a Zone RV Approved Service Repairer, the Van or Part which it finds to be defective in factory materials or workmanship under Normal Use and Condition within Australia provided that an Exception does not apply.
    2. No individual (including any agent, employee or representative of Zone RV) is authorised to make any representation or warranty concerning the Zone RV Warranty except to refer to this document.
    3. Any warranty or representation other than set out in this document, whether written or verbal, is hereby expressly excluded and negatived.
    4. The Zone RV Warranty is a contract entered into between Zone RV and the Owner. The rights and title to or benefits under the Zone RV Warranty are not capable of assignment to any subsequent owner of the Van or Part or any other person. To the maximum extent permissible by law, the Zone RV Warranty extinguishes on the sale, transfer or disposal of the Owner’s right, title and interest in the Van or Part.  
  1. Exceptions
    1. Each of the following will constitute an Exception in which case the Zone RV Warranty will cease to apply:
      • tears, punctures, shrinkage, softening or fading of fabric items such as canvas, canopies, cushions, mattress and upholstery;
      • any defect is attributable, whether wholly or partly, to any Modification made to the Van, or use of a Part subject of a Modification, unless such Modification has been made by or with the prior express, written consent and direction of Zone RV;
      • Zone RV believes on reasonable grounds the Van has been:
        • Written Off;
        • used for full time or permanent residential purposes which has accelerated fair wear and tear; or
        • used for any purpose other than recreational personal use including commercial or hire purposes,
      • the Van or a Part has become defective as a result of:
        • fair wear and tear;
        • the Owner’s failure to properly maintain or use the Van in accordance with the recommendations and instructions specified by Zone RV in the Zone RV Owner’s Manual or in other communication by Zone RV to the Owner;
        • the Owner’s failure to have the Van properly, regularly and punctually serviced in accordance with the recommendations specified for the Van by Zone RV;
        • misuse or neglect of the Van or a Part;
        • normal deterioration or reduction in aesthetic or physical appearance caused by UV exposure;
        • the Van, or the motor vehicle towing the Van, being involved in a motor vehicle crash;
        • accident, theft or fire;
        • water ingress from submersion or water crossing;
        • the Van being used at excessive speeds; or
        • stone or rock strike, hail, windstorm, lightning or other weather event.
      • the Owner has not complied with all, or has done anything contrary to or in breach of any, recommendations and requirements contained in the Zone RV Owner’s Manual;
      • the Van is towed by a motor vehicle that:
        • is not suitable for the size and weight of the Van when fully loaded;
        • is unsuitable in any other material respect; or
        • has not been fitted with appropriate towing equipment,
    2. Where a defect is exacerbated, or the cost of repairing such a defect is increased, by a failure of the Owner to deliver the Van to the premises of Zone RV or a Zone RV Approved Service Repairer for the carrying out of the required repair of a defect as soon as possible after the Owner became aware, or ought to have become aware, of the defect, the Zone RV Warranty shall only cover the part of the defect that arose to the time the Owner knew, or ought to have known, of the defect.
  1. Supplied Parts
    1. Any Parts which are not manufactured or imported by Zone RV (“Supplied Parts”) are not covered by the Zone RV Warranty to the maximum extent permitted by law in the following respects, which cases Supplied Parts are separately warranted by the manufacturer or importer:
      • that the Supplied Parts are of acceptable quality;
      • that the Supplied Parts are reasonably fit for the purpose for which they are represented  to be fit or for which the Owner makes known they are being acquired;
      • that the Supplied Parts correspond with any description of them;
      • that spare parts and facilities for the repair of any Supplied Parts will be reasonably available; and
      • that the manufacturer or importer of Supplied Parts will comply with any express warranty given by that party.
    2. Where they are available and supplied to Zone RV by the manufacturer or importer of Supplied Parts, Zone RV will make available copies of any warranty documents or manuals to the Owner.
    3. Subject to any statutory rights the Owner may have which cannot be excluded, Zone RV assumes no responsibility or liability for defects in workmanship or operation of Supplied Parts. Zone RV will make reasonable assistance to the Owner in contacting the manufacturer or importer of Supplied Parts to make a warranty claim.
    4. The Zone RV Warranty will cover defects in workmanship of Zone RV only in respect of the installation of any Supplied Parts.
  1. Zone RV Warranty Period
    1. The Zone RV Warranty Period extending to the installation of Supplied Parts will differ for each Supplied Part and from the separate warranty from the manufacturer or importer of the Supplied Part.
    2. Table 2 sets out the Zone RV Warranty Period from Practical Completion and reference to Supplied Part which carries warranty period specified by the supplier of that part.
    3. These lengths of time may change from time to time and are outside of the control of Zone RV. Zone RV provides no warranty or representation that the periods of time of Supplied Parts won’t change.
Supplied PartWarrantyWho to contact
Cabinetry handles, catches and strutsZone – 2 yearsZone RV
Ensuite locks, catches and accessoriesZone – 2 yearsZone RV
Hatches and skylightsFor Dometic brand midi heki and Zone RV rain-sensing hatches – 12 monthsZone RV
LED lights internal and externalZone – 2 yearsZone RV
Bed struts and bed frameZone – 2 yearsZone RV
Hatches – seals, locks, decals, hinges  Zone – 2 yearsZone RV
Windows & window strutsZone – 12 monthsZone RV
Awning and doorSupplied Part – Refer to Owners ManualATRV
Fiamma (Camec)
Coast to Coast
Antenna/satellite dishOEM Supplied Part – Refer to Owners ManualMilenco (Lesiure Tech)
SatKing Pro (Camec)
Toolbox and jerry can holdersZone – 2 yearsZone RV
Reflectors and indicatorsZone – 2 yearsZone RV
Cabinetry – structuralZone – 2 yearsZone RV
Solar PV systemOEM Supplied Part – Refer to Owners ManualRedarc
Jack and stabilising legsOEM Supplied Part – Refer to Owners ManualAlko (Camec)
All appliances (fridge, oven, air conditioning unit etc)OEM Supplied Part – Refer to Owners ManualThetford
NCE (Zone RV)
Sirocco (CAMEC)
WorkmanshipZone – 2 yearsZone RV
ChassisZone – 5 yearsZone RV
RedarcOEM Supplied Part – Refer to Owners ManualRedarc
Cruisemaster Suspension OEM Supplied Part – Refer to Owners ManualCruisemaster
Table 1 – Zone RV Warranty Period for Supplied Parts
  1. How to Claim
    1. The Owner must notify Zone RV in writing detailing any defects for which a claim under the  Zone RV Warranty is being made.
    2. The Customer must:
      • submit a detailed claim which includes:
        • proof of ownership of the Van (by either proof of purchase directly from Zone RV  or vehicle registration papers from the relevant government department);
        • service and maintenance records of the Van;
        • a detailed description of the alleged defect;
        • the cause of the alleged defect;
        • good quality detailed photographs of the defect,
      • deliver the Van, or affected Part if it can be safely removed from the Van, to Zone RV or  a Zone RV Approved Service Repairer;
      • allow Zone RV to remove any damaged or defective Part to allow for further  investigation and testing; and
      • cooperate with all reasonable requests of Zone RV.
    3. The cost of delivery and collection of the Van to and from Zone RV or a Zone RV Approved  Service Repairer are an Owner’s responsibility, unless the defect covered by the Zone RV  Warranty prevents the Van being safely delivered by the Owner.
    4. In the event the Van becomes inoperative or unsafe as a result of a defect which is covered  by the Zone RV Warranty, the Owner must:
      • immediately cease use of the Van; and
      • contact Zone RV as soon as reasonably practicable possible to arrange for the Van to  be inspected and carry out the required service or repair.
    5. If requested by the Owner, Zone RV may carry out repairs or services for a defect covered by  the Zone RV Warranty on-site at the location of the Van on payment by the Owner of a call out fee determined by Zone RV.
    6. Zone RV will not reimburse any repair work carried out by a person other than a Zone RV  Approved Service Repairer and/or without prior express, written consent of Zone RV.  
  1. General
    1. The repair or replacement of the Van or Part is the absolute limit of Zone RV’s liability under  this document. Parts and labour used and supplied to rectify a defect covered by the Zone RV  Warranty are free of charge.
    2. Zone RV will repair defects covered by the Zone RV Warranty using Parts of a similar quality  and may replace any Parts or repair a defect with refurbished goods of the same type and  quality.
    3. Zone RV is not responsible for loss of time, inconvenience or other loss resulting from a  defect. The Zone RV Warranty covers only the repair, replacement or adjustment of the Van  found by Zone RV to be defective and covered by the Zone RV Warranty.
    4. After delivery of a Van or Part subject of a claim under a Zone RV Warranty to Zone RV or a  Zone RV Approved Service Repairer, if Zone RV determines the Van or Part is free from a  defect covered by the Zone RV Warranty then Zone RV may recover the cost and expense of  inspecting, investigating and testing the defect from the Owner.
    5. The Zone RV Warranty does not cover regular service costs, maintenance costs and wear  and tear items since they do not arise from defects in factory materials or workmanship.
    6. If the Van is used in harsh conditions (such as beach and off-road environments or in extreme  climatic areas), or with careless and reckless driving habits then additional or more frequent  maintenance services may be required. Costs, maintenance items and other wear and tear  items not covered by the Zone RV Warranty include:
      • regular service costs;
      • repair or replacement of tyres;
      • repair or rectification of paint damage, dents, scratches chips, discolouration and marks  to any surface of the Van including, in particular, bench tops;
      • lubricants, washers and other like consumables used in services;
      • body rattles and squeaks and the general tightening of Parts;
      • adjustment of brakes; 
      • wheel balance and alignment;
      • normal expansion and contraction gaps and wear of floor, wall and ceiling surfaces; or
      • superficial cracking, delaminating and crazing of the exterior fibreglass skin and exterior  surfaces of the Van associated with normal wear and tear.  

8. Definitions

In this document, the below words have their corresponding meaning.

  1. Modification means any addition, deletion or alteration made to or from the Van or any Part.
  2. Normal Use and Condition means using the Van in a manner and in conditions that a reasonable person would consider appropriate and does not include:
    • misuse of the Van or use of the Van in a manner contrary to the Zone RV Owner’s Manual;
    • failing to properly maintain and care for the Van;
    • failing to properly and regularly have the Van serviced in accordance with the Servicing Requirements;commercial use of the Van (such as hiring the Van or use of the Van in the course of a business operated by the Owner); and
    • exceeding the operating or capacity limitations specified for the Van by Zone RV in the use and operation of the Van, including for example use of the Van in obviously unsuitable terrain and conditions. 

3. Owner means the owner of the Van for the time being during the Zone Warranty Period.

4. Part means any part, component or assembly of the Van installed, supplied or fitted by Zone RV but excludes any part of the Van designated by Zone RV as an unapproved accessory or Modification.

5. Servicing Requirements means:

  • inspection of the Van by Zone RV or a Zone RV Approved Service Repairer within 7 days of the Warranty Commencement Date or 1000 km travelled whichever occurs first, at no cost to the Owner; and
  • general service of the Van by Zone RV or a Zone RV Approved Service Repairer every 12 months  after the Warranty Commencement Date, or every 10,000 km, whichever occurs first.

6. Van means the van described and identified in the service record booklet in which this Zone RV Warranty is set out, and includes any Part of the Van.

7. Warranty Commencement Date means the date that the Van was delivered to the first Owner by Zone RV.

9. Written Off means that the Van has been so severely damaged that in the reasonable opinion of the Owner, or an insurer or a financier of the Van or Zone RV have determined, acting reasonably, that it is not  economical to repair the Van.

10. Zone RV Approved Service Repairer means a van repairer or service provider approved and appointed by Zone RV to conduct repairs or servicing to the Van.Van.

11. Zone RV means Zone RV Pty Ltd ACN 608 771 697.

12. Zone RV Owner’s Manual means the manual provided by Zone RV to the first owner of the Van.

13. Zone RV Warranty means the Zone RV Warranty Statement set out at the commencement of this warranty document.

14. Zone RV Warranty Period means the period of time set out in clause 5 for the Part

15. As a manufacturer we are obligated under the ACCC to provide a quality product, whether or not the ownership has changed.

16. In the event that the original buyer wishes to sell their van within the warranty period, then the original buyer and the third-party buyer can write requesting transfer of warranty, and Zone would not unreasonably withhold this request for items that Zone manufactures. Please note that OEM Components would be subject to their individual warranties.