The Zone RV Sojourn is our roomiest model and is ideal for those spending extended periods exploring. The Sojourn comes with a queen-sized bed and the option of adding double or triple bunks. Scroll down the page to configure your dream build and see live weights and pricing as you select options.




  • Our Sojourn in Pioneer specification starts with a complete list of standard options including premium accessories, lithium batteries and solar panels.
  • If you choose a Sojourn in Pioneer specification, you can select additional options to best suit your upcoming adventures using the configurator below.
Sojourn Summit Updated &Bull; Sojourn


  • Our Sojourn in Summit Specification exclusively features a stiff and strong carbon composite body.
  • Our Sojourn in Summit Specification includes the majority of our top of the range options, whilst still allowing you to change key options to suit your preference and weight goals.
Sojourn Specs Dimensions &Bull; Sojourn


  • Overall length: 8.8m / 28.9ft
  • Body length: 6.4m / 21ft
  • External width: 2.5m / 8.2ft
  • External height: 3.1m / 10.2ft
  • Internal height: 2m / 6.5ft
Sojourn Start Weight &Bull; Sojourn

Starting Weights

  • Starting Weight Pioneer: ~ 2,600kg
  • Starting Ball Weight Pioneer: ~ 180kg
  • Starting Weight Summit: ~ 2,850kg
  • Starting Ball Weight Summit: ~ 225kg

Starting weights are without additional options and with empty water tanks.


Lithium Battery Charger

The REDARC Manager 30 is used in combination with a BCDC1250D to achieve up to 80A charging while driving, from solar or mains power. Manager 30 connects to the RedVision display and app for effortless switching and data display.

Lithium Battery Bank

Larger battery banks help you ride out bad weather until full solar generation returns. If you plan on spending longer periods off-grid, larger banks are ideal.


Bigger capacity solar arrays allow the battery banks to be replenished rapidly in peak sunshine. Connect a portable solar blanket to reach the sun from shaded campsites or extra solar power.


The included 2,000W 240V inverter is powerful enough to run most of your appliances, however, some may require 3,000W including the optional air conditioner.


  • Three poly water tanks totalling 240L
  • Tanks can be isolated and individually filled  in case of picking up contaminated water
  • Underbody aluminium water tank armour
  • Water level gauges connected to RedVision display
  • 12V water pump and in-line water filter
  • If choosing to dedicate one of the three tanks for drinking this is 80L
Greywater &Bull; Sojourn


  • 100L poly greywater tank
  • Underbody aluminium tank armour
  • Greywater bypass system


Peregrine Chassis &Bull; Sojourn


  • Strong yet weight saving construction
  • Hot dipped galvanised
  • Underslung mud flaps

Protection Pack

The protection pack adds a rubberised Tough Coat on the drawbar and along the full lower sides of the caravan.

Suspension, Brakes & Stud/Offset

From the factory, we can only offer the above options.


The airbags in Cruisemaster suspension can be used to level your caravan left to right. The Auto Levelling option levels for camp and returns to driving pressures at the flick of a switch.

Both options include an outlet to use the onboard compressor for tyre inflation.

Wheels &Bull; Sojourn

Wheels & Tyres

While we do offer popular stud patterns, unfortunately, it’s not possible to swap or provide wheels for factory fitment.

Copy Of Low Res Clean 151 Of 186 &Bull; Sojourn

Second Spare

By choosing to match the stud pattern with your tow vehicle, it may be possible to share spare wheels and go without a second spare to save weight.

Couplings & ATM Limits

The ATM upgrade from 3,500kg to 4,000kg includes coupling and chain upgrades as well as chassis strengthening.

Recovery Points 1 &Bull; Sojourn

Recovery Points

  • Pair of rated rear recovery points
  • We recommend using a bridle to distribute the load across both points during recoveries
&Bull; Sojourn


MAXTRAX is the easiest and safest option for a variety of recoveries. We offer ZONE RV branded MAXTRAX and Mounts.

Electric Stability Control

The BMPRO SwayControl automatically corrects caravan sway by applying braking force to the left and right brakes independently. It is not compatible with disc brakes.

Reversing Camera

  • Reversing camera with both wide and narrow lenses
  • In-vehicle monitor provides comprehensive visibility
Hummingbird Electronics Gps &Bull; Sojourn

GPS Odometer

The Hummingbird Electronics Odometer operates via GPS and makes tracking service intervals effortless.


Floor Plans

  • Chaise Lounge + Dual Induction
  • Chaise Lounge + Dual Gas & Single Induction
  • Chaise Lounge + Bunks
  • Chaise Lounge + Bunks showing overhead cabinets
  • Cafe Lounge + Dual Induction
  • Cafe Lounge + Dual Gas & Single Induction


  • Couples
  • Family

Door Positions

  • Queen Bed (rear door)
  • Queen Bed + Bunks (front door)

Bed Options

We offer a comfortable queen mattress and luxurious pillow-top option. If choosing bunks, each bunk comes with its own fan as standard.

Bedroom Features

  • Gas strut assisted lift-up bed storage area
  • Twin bedside robes with hanging rail
  • 12V & USB outlets
  • Overhead storage lockers
  • Padded upholstered bed head
  • Foot lockers

Kitchen Features

  • Synthetic stone benchtop
  • Awning side serving window
  • Large undermounted sink
  • Soft close drawers with locking latches
  • Full height pull-out double pantry


  • Closed view
  • Open view

The Thetford Fridge & Freezer is 274L total volume – 202L fridge and 72L freezer. It efficiently runs on 12V and features internal LED lighting.

Kitchen & Bathroom Fittings


Cabinet Construction

  • Zone RV’s unique composite (timberless) cabinetry with alloy plating system and positive locking smooth pull latches
  • Overhead locker storage in kitchen, living, over bed and ensuite with twin gas strut assist
  • Removable shelves to upper cabinets in kitchen, lounge and bedroom robes
  • The Ultralight Composite option saves ~35kg

Overhead Cabinets

Lower Cabinets

Lounge Colour & Upholstery

Our PU Leather option is high quality, but leather is more durable and breathable.

We use New Zealand leather which may have colour and grain variations due to the nature of this natural material.

Lounge Configuration

The Cafe Lounge option includes footrests.


Not choosing an oven is a great way to reduce weight.


The Microwave is 23L and 1,450W. It is a flatbed model which works superbly and is more durable than turntable models.

Not choosing a microwave is another popular choice for those looking to save weight.


  • Nature’s Head composting toilet
  • Vanity basin with mixer tap
  • Internal shower cubicle
Water Heater 1 &Bull; Sojourn

Water Heater

  • 14L Gas Water Heater
  • Plumbed to shower
  • Plumbed to kitchen

Air Conditioner

  • 2,400W cooling
  • 1,700W heating
  • Works with 3,000W Inverter option
  • Efficient Diesel Air Heater recommended for longer stays off-grid
Diesel R &Bull; Sojourn

Diesel Air Heater

Interior Features

  • REDARC RedVision Display Unit
  • 2 wall mounted 12V fans
  • 12V USB and 240V outlets
  • LED strip lighting with dimmer controls


GPS tracking functionality requires $49/yr Witi QProtect or $228/yr Witi Track subscription (not included)


TV Antenna

The Milenco Power 900 is omnidirectional and offers an exceptional 38dB gain.

Satellite TV

  • Automatic 80 second setup
  • Australia wide coverage of VAST and Foxtel Satellite TV (box and subscription not included)
  • Rugged construction
  • Stows horizontal for travel

Sound System

The touchscreen Fusion sound system pairs with your devices via Bluetooth.

Mobile Phone Signal Booster

The Cel-Fi Go boosts any available mobile signal up to 30 times and all devices inside the caravan will benefit. We only offer the Telstra unit for the best reception across Australia and this unit boosts 3G and 4G.

Washing Machine &Bull; Sojourn

Washing Machine

  • Great for off-grid living
  • Uses 18L per load on quick wash


Composite Toolbox

  • Zone RV designed and built
  • Composite to reduce weight
  • ~1,100L internal volume
  • Gull-wing doors open upwards for easy access, and the single dividing shelf internally keeps gear organised
  • Rubberised coating to protect from stone damage
  • Angled front to deflect stones downward
  • The access on the right side houses 2 x 4kg gas bottles. These are out of the way yet easy to access when refilling
  • One central jerry can mount
  • Two storage areas on the sides for fire-wood or dirty gear
Worklight &Bull; Sojourn

Outdoor Lights

  • A powerful LED work light is positioned above the toolbox to aid in hooking up and working in this area.
  • An additional light is fitted above the forward left gear tunnel opening.
Power Jack &Bull; Sojourn

Power Jack

Our Power Jack is standard on all our models for ease of use and safety.

Windows & Doors

  • Premium entry door with security mesh
  • Double glazed tinted windows with block out blinds and insect screens
  • Marine style external hatches
L1040106 &Bull; Sojourn



Two rear stabilisers in combination with the Power Jack provide the necessary stability at camp while saving weight. Front stabilisers are also available if you prefer.


Electric awnings are faster to set up and are great for shorter stays and roadside stops.

Outdoor Kitchen

  • Includes Tefal Express Induction Stove
  • Collapsible sink
  • Outdoor TV Bracket
  • 240 power outlets
  • 12v outlets

Note: The outdoor kitchen is slightly shorter if choosing bunks.

Outdoor Tap Shower &Bull; Sojourn

Outdoor Tap & Shower

  • Lockable outdoor tap
  • Hot & cold outdoor shower


The ladder is helpful for cleaning solar panels and roof accessory checks.

Bbq Slide 1 &Bull; Sojourn

BBQ Slide

  • The BBQ Slide is perfect for your Webber or as a quick outdoor table.
  • It features a durable stainless top for food preparation and a composite body for weight saving.
  • Gas bayonet for BBQ.
High Res 17 Of 186 &Bull; Sojourn

Bike Carrier Mount

This mount attaches above the rear bar and suits the iSi bike carriers specifically (sold separately). These carriers are particularly strong across corrugations and don’t obstruct the lights or number plate.

Your Build

Current build time is ~ 12 months