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At Zone RV in Queensland, we incorporate technology from the aeronautical and marine industries to build lighter, stronger and safer off-road caravans. We manufacture entirely composite bodies and cabinetry systems to assist adventurers to stay below the Gross Combined Mass (GCM) of their tow vehicles. These bodies sit on a cleverly designed chassis that is also weight-conscious, and in combination with CruiseMaster suspension systems, will endure long stretches of Australian corrugations!

Each component fitted to a Zone RV off-road caravan is carefully selected to perform superbly, have the lowest likelihood of failure and be straightforward to repair or replace in remote locations by our service partners. Our entire range includes lithium batteries and solar panels, and these off-grid systems can be optioned to suit your needs.

Off-Road Caravans

&Bull; Home


The Zone RV Expedition is our most adventurous model yet. The aggressive rear departure angle, shorter length and pop top roof allow you to tackle the toughest tracks. It is available with or without bunks and can sleep up to five.

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The Zone RV Peregrine is perfect for those looking for a more maneuverable off-road caravan. It is only available with sleeping quarters for couples.

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The Zone RV Sojourn is our roomiest model and is ideally suited for those embarking on extended adventures. It is available with or without bunks and can sleep up to five.

Latest Adventures

  • The 2021 Zone Rv Muster, Qld

    The 2021 Zone RV Muster, QLD

    Earlier this year, we held our inaugural ZONE RV MUSTER with over 150 Zoners at Hangar-O, just a relaxing 45-minute drive north of Gympie, Queensland.

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  • Lawn Hill & Byfield Np, Qld

    Lawn Hill & Byfield NP, QLD

    Like many of you, we have been reflecting on where we’d rather when we can travel again. If you’re searching for some inspiration, join Zone RV’s Founder, Dave Biggar, and his family as they head to Lawn Hill and Byfield National Park in Queensland.

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  • Sunshine Coast, Qld

    Sunshine Coast, QLD

    We recommend making the most of your time here on the Sunshine Coast and spend a week or two exploring our postcard perfect backyard.

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