Mode 4×4 Canopy

Mode 4×4 Accessories is a specialised manufacturer of high-performance off-road components, exclusively designed for 4×4 vehicles. Our products are meticulously engineered to be lightweight and durable by optimised advanced composite manufacturing techniques. Our range of accessories includes composite canopies for 4×4 dual cab off road vehicles.


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MODE Canopy


  • External Unit Height: 0.94m
  • External Width: 1.88m
  • External Length: 1.71m
  • Internal Unit Height: 0.88m
  • Internal Width: 1.79m
  • Internal  Length: 1.65m


  • Canopy Volume: 2400L
  • Tool Box Individual Volume: 55L

Load Weight

  • Inside: up to 350kg
  • Roof Static: up to 350kg
  • Roof Dynamic WO Spare Tyres on the rear: up to 150kg
  • Roof Dynamic with one spare tyre on the rear:  up to 110kg
  • Roof Dynamic with two spare tyres on the rear:  up to 75kg


Taillights are standard.

Note: Mode canopies are compatible with factory blind monitoring system in the taillights for Ford Ranger & Toyota Hilux models. 

Note: Installation of the electrical components for blind spot monitoring is not included. This will need to be installed by the fitment dealer.  

Canopy Colour

  • The MODE canopy comes in Black & White.
  • Please note that MODE 4×4 does not offer colour matching service.
  • You can work with your installer to paint or wrap the canopy if required.

Fitment Kits

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Vehicles with Ad Blue specifications are not compatible with our canopy fitment kit. Please refer to our guide for more information Guide



Mode canopies are crafted using a blend of high-quality composite and aluminium materials, which work together to fortify the structure while minimizing weight. All aluminium parts are powder coated black.

Gullwing Doors

  • Dual gullwing doors
  • Double latches on both sides
  • Opens to 90 degrees
  • Optimal room for ease of use

Whale Tail Latches

  • Dual whale tail latches on each door for added security
  • Slimline regression when closed
  • Central locking compatible
  • Secure locking technology

Roof Racks

  • Mode canopies are compatible with most roof rack makes and models.
  • 4 x alloy plates inside the canopy on the roof are used for mounting.
  • Please discuss roof rack fitment with your dealer.
  • Please refer to load ratings above for weight details.

Tool Box

  • Dual saddle undermounted tool box
  • Secured by dual lockable latches
  • Internal individual volume 55L

Electronically controlled central locking

Electric actuators are supplied. Power to canopy central locking is not supplied. 

Optional Accessory Upgrades

Rear Mounted Spare Wheel Carrier 

Rear Ladder 

Parking Sensor Integration 

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