Expedition – Available Soon


The Zone RV Expedition is our most adventurous model yet. The aggressive rear departure angle, shorter length and pop top roof allow you to tackle the toughest tracks. It is available with or without bunks and can sleep up to five.

Zone008 Expedition Side 19 01 22 &Bull; Expedition - Available Soon

With inside living space, shower and composting toilet, the Expedition is comfortable in all conditions.

The large outside kitchen makes spending more time outdoors a breeze.

Zone008 Expedition Alt Fr Per 3 19 01 22 &Bull; Expedition - Available Soon

With large solar generation, lithium battery bank, water storage and induction cooking, it’s effortless to stay off-grid for extended periods.

The full size integrated front locker is large enough to store gear and bikes and includes a charging point for e-bikes.

Zone008 Expedition Alt Rr Per 3 19 01 22 &Bull; Expedition - Available Soon

The rear dust-free boot houses two spare wheels with room for additional gear storage.

Zone008 Expedition Detail Fr Per 1 09 02 22 &Bull; Expedition - Available Soon

The pop-top roof allows a roomy internal space at camp, a streamlined off-road caravan on the highway and a lower overall height to clear overhanging branches on tracks.

The Zone RV Expedition will be available in both Pioneer and Summit specifications starting from $124,750.