What are the benefits of a gasless off-road caravan?

6 reasons to think about a van with a gas-free interior

With a drive to create new caravans that are safer, more efficient, and easier to use than ever before, leading caravan manufacturers are now producing gasless caravans.

Also known as gas-free caravans, gasless models use their battery banks and rooftop solar system to run the air conditioning, induction cooktop, and other appliances, all without the need for gas bottles.

So what are the benefits of a gas-free interior in a caravan? And why would you choose a gasless caravan over the traditional system? Here are six reasons to think about opting for a gasless caravan for your next off-road adventure.

1. It can be a safer way to enjoy a caravan adventure

When you choose to do without gas inside your caravan, it can be a safer way to experience an off-road, off-grid holiday. There are a few reasons why.

When you have your whole family living inside a 21ft space, you don’t want to think about the (very remote) possibility of gas leaks inside your caravan. It’s highly unlikely ever to occur, but going gasless can take this worry away altogether.

Then there’s the nature of induction cooktops themselves. This relatively new method doesn’t use burners underneath the cooking surface, instead heating pots and pans directly using electromagnetic energy.

It’s a much more efficient way to cook, converting more energy into heat. And, since there’s no open flames, it can be safer around your family too.

2. You can still choose to cook (outside) with gas!

One important point to remember is that going “gasless” with induction cooking doesn’t mean having no gas available at all. Even though induction cooking offers you an instant cooking experience (and even gives you more bench space inside your van), you can still have the option of ‘cooking with gas’ on your caravan adventure.

So if you just can’t bear to say goodbye to those flame-grilled steaks, you don’t have to! You can still cook with gas outside your van on a BBQ, even with a gasless interior. This setup can even give you more flexibility, since you won’t be locked into cooking with just one source of energy.

3. Gasless interiors help your caravan remain dust-free

The latest off-road caravans are designed to be fully dust-free – which you’ll find is a big advantage when you’re travelling around Australia.

But when you cook with gas inside a caravan, you’ll need to open up the van’s vents for safety. That means potentially letting in that road dust you’ve worked so hard to keep out – not to mention the armies of insects that will be drawn to the smell of your dinner!

Instead, a gasless caravan allows you to cook using induction, with no need to open vents for ventilation. You can stay comfy inside, with your caravan’s air con running off the battery system.

4. Your gas bottles will tend to last longer

With a gas-free caravan, your hot water and the internal air heater will be run off the same diesel tank. You won’t be using up gas bottles just to stay comfortable and enjoy your caravanning experience.

And, since you won’t be using gas for your hot water, you’ll notice your BBQ gas bottles will last a lot longer – meaning you can stay off-grid for longer too. And speaking of this point…

5. Gasless interiors can help you stay off-grid for longer

When you cook inside your caravan on the induction cooktop, you won’t be restricted by the available gas. Instead, the cooktop will be powered by the van’s battery bank which will regenerate from the solar panels.

This means that, if you ever run out of gas with your outside BBQ bottles, you won’t have to go hungry or cut short your off-grid adventure! You’ll still be able to comfortably cook inside your van on the induction cooktop.

Oh – and in the case of very cold or hot weather, you can rest easy, since the caravan’s air conditioner runs off the battery bank too!

6. It’s no more expensive than a caravan with gas

At Zone RV, because induction cooktops and heater – and BBQ gas bottles – come as standard in our off-road caravans, it’s no more expensive to choose a gasless interior for your caravan. You can enjoy all of the benefits we’ve talked about, at no additional cost.

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