A free Upgrade to the ultimate off road adventure experience.

When it comes to off-road adventures, having a reliable off-road caravan with exceptional suspension is vital. At Zone RV, we understand the importance of a smooth and comfortable off-road experience. From May 19th to 30th of June 2023, we are offering you the opportunity to upgrade to Cruisemaster ATX suspension with drum brakes on Sojourn and Peregrine Pioneer models at no extra cost (usually valued at $2,750). If you’re craving even more performance and want to upgrade to the ATX suspension with disc brakes, you can for a mere price of $1,000, usually valued at $3,750. During this limited-time offer, you can upgrade and revolutionize your off-road capabilities. Get ready to elevate your off-road adventure to new heights!

Unleash the Power of the ATX Suspension

The ATX Suspension is designed to take your off-road adventures to the next level. Let’s explore the outstanding features that make this upgrade a game-changer:

  • Enhanced handling: With the ATX Suspension, you’ll experience improved traction and control, allowing you to tackle challenging off-road terrains with confidence.
  • Durable construction: The ATX Suspension is built to last. Its powder-coated exterior protects against the elements, ensuring durability and longevity.
  • Tailored for off-road travel: This is specifically designed to handle the demands of off-road exploration, providing reliability and performance when you need it most.

Elevate Your Off-Road Adventure

By taking advantage of this exclusive free upgrade, you’ll enjoy a range of benefits that enhance your off-road adventures:

  • Comfort and stability: The ATX Suspension absorbs shocks and vibrations, providing a smoother and more comfortable journey.
  • Superior performance: Whether you’re navigating rocky terrains or uneven trails, the ATX Suspension delivers enhanced handling and stability, allowing you to conquer any obstacle with ease.
  • Peace of mind: With the ATX Suspension, you can trust in the reliability and durability of your off-road caravan, giving you the confidence to explore remote destinations without worry.

Limited-Time Promotion Act Now and Save

This is a limited-time opportunity you don’t want to miss. May 19th to June 30th 2023, we are offering the ATX Suspension Upgrade as part of an exclusive promotion. By taking advantage of this offer, you’ll save a significant $2750 on this exceptional upgrade. Don’t miss out on the chance to elevate your off-road adventure and enjoy substantial savings!

How to take advantage of the Offer?

Simply submit a configurator build for any Sojourn or Peregrine Pioneer models between May 19th to June 30th, 2023! Time is limited, so start your journey towards the ultimate off road experience and enjoy the comforts of cruisemaster ATX off road suspension.