Planning Your Cape York Adventure: 4 Key Preparations

When contemplating a journey to the iconic Cape York Peninsula, the conversation often turns to the daunting prospect of tackling its harsh off-road conditions, especially the notorious corrugations. So, how can you prepare for the challenges of Cape York and make your first trip to this unique destination a reality?

What are the benefits of a gasless off-road caravan?

So what are the benefits of a gas-free interior in a caravan? And why would you choose a gasless caravan over the traditional system? Here are six reasons to think about opting for a gasless caravan for your next off-road adventure.

Aussie RVs Receive 3D Printing Boost from $1.16M Government Grant

Written by Vanessa Listek – 3D Printers – 3D Printing – Oceania When air travel took a backseat during the pandemic, road trips in RVs surged in popularity. With international travel plummeting by a staggering 73% in 2020, domestic adventures on four wheels soared. ZoneRV, an Australian game-changer, stepped up, harnessing the power of 3D printing […]

5 Reasons to Safeguard Your Zone RV with the Off-Road Protection Pack

Here is five reasons why the protection has is one of the most common upgrades on our off road caravans.

A free Upgrade to the ultimate off road adventure experience.

When it comes to off-road adventures, having a reliable off-road caravan with exceptional suspension is vital. At Zone RV, we understand the importance of a smooth and comfortable off-road experience. From May 19th to 30th of June 2023, we are offering you the opportunity to upgrade to Cruisemaster ATX suspension with drum brakes on Sojourn […]

Unlock the Power of ATX Suspension: Elevate Your Off-Road Adventures with Zone RV and Cruisemaster

Are you ready to explore the great outdoors with an off-road caravan that can handle any adventure? At Zone RV, we share your love for off-road travel, and we’re dedicated to providing you with the best experience possible. That’s why we offer Cruisemaster’s ATX suspension as an option for our caravans. What is ATX? Crusiemasters […]

5 Reasons to Road Trip Through Tropical North Queensland 

If you’re looking for a tropical holiday destination that offers something for everyone, then look no further than Tropical North Queensland…

Crispy Boneless Pork Belly

A juicy pork roast with a thick layer of golden crackle. This is the old faithful that would bring the family together of a weekend. Shared with all the trimmings and lashings of gravy, this was a family favourite. We were determined to bring this meal on the road with us so, we invested in […]

Our plans for 2023

What a year 2022 has been for Zone RV! We are very excited to share what we have in store for 2023!


We love travelling in the tropics! Yes it may be hot and humid however the blue sky days are picture perfect, the palm trees sway gently in the breeze, and the abundance of tropical fruit on offer is one of our favourite things! On our recent travels between Cairns and Ingham in Tropical North Queensland […]


Living off grid when travelling has endless benefits, if mastered can be truly rewarding!

What’s it like living with a Zone RV off-road caravan?

Ever thought about finishing up work, selling the house, buying your dream caravan and hitting the road with no end date?

The Zone RV handover experience

Zone RV customers will have the opportunity to escape the ordinary and enjoy their caravan handover at the spectacular Hangar O.


Hello, we are Katie, Paul and Jasper Guerin. For 2.5yrs we have been living full time on the road exploring this great country of ours!We are very excited to embark on the next step of pour journey in our New ZONE RV Sojourn Family Caravan.

The 2021 Zone RV Muster, QLD

Earlier this year, we held our inaugural ZONE RV MUSTER with over 150 Zoners at Hangar-O, just a relaxing 45-minute drive north of Gympie, Queensland.

Lawn Hill & Byfield NP, QLD

Like many of you, we have been reflecting on where we’d rather when we can travel again. If you’re searching for some inspiration, join Zone RV’s Founder, Dave Biggar, and his family as they head to Lawn Hill and Byfield National Park in Queensland.

Sunshine Coast, QLD

We recommend making the most of your time here on the Sunshine Coast and spend a week or two exploring our postcard perfect backyard.

Campfire Hot Chocolate

Make a cosy Campfire Hot Chocolate, ZONE RV style.

Campfire Baked Ham & Eggs

Baked in enamel mugs, these little cups of cosy goodness on a cold morning are like warm hugs in a mug.

ZONE RV Caravan First Aid Kit Checklist

Every caravanning First Aid Kit should have all the First Aid Essentials, including antiseptic lotion, bandages, surgical tape and scissors.

Do I Need an OFF-ROAD Caravan?

Let’s be honest, the Australian roads are a little rough around the edges, some major roads are still unsealed, and who doesn’t love a private camp spot on a remote beach?

Banana Banoffee Boats

Recently we spent a weekend with the ZONE RV team off the grid and cooked these mouth-watering Banana Banoffee Boats for dessert under the sparkling stars.

5 Reasons to Visit Byfield National Park with the Whole Family

The family and I recently explored the Byfield National Park area in our ZONE RV ZBF-20.6 BASE SERIES Family, and we loved it so much that we wanted to share our highlights with you all.

Best Off-Road Caravan Pesto Gnocchi Recipe

This recipe is a favourite in our house, so the fact that it’s also so easy to whip up in the caravan is a huge win for the whole family.

Tips For Towing Your Trailer or Caravan Along the Beach

Having the confidence to tow your home up the beach opens up a whole new world of camping options and will often get you to that picture-perfect camp spot without another soul around.

Off Grid Living

How long you last off grid is generally governed by how much water you can carry, how much fresh food you can store, how much power you can hold and how quickly you can recharge your 12v.


Gone are the days of working out which single shirt and pair of shorts you are going to pack, we have plenty of room for all our summer and winter gear which is essential when doing the big lap around Australia.

James Price Point

This iconic place is actually a surprisingly easy day trip from Broome, but if you want to make the most of it I’d hitch on the trailer or throw in the swag.

Our Favourite “End Of Week Curry”

Here’s our go to when we are on fresh food rations.

Our Pooch Friendly Route Down the Ningaloo Coast

In November we made our way down the Ningaloo coast with our best mate Boz.

Life in the Slow Lane

Life in the slow lane…why our trip went from ticking box’s to having no set plans.

How to Cook Outdoors

Spending time outdoors is our absolute favourite thing to do here at ZONE. Anything that combines road tripping, adventure and cooking, and we are there. 

Reasons why you SHOULD travel Australia with your best mate…

In preparation for our trip around Australia we had been told plenty of times that it might be easier if we left him behind.

Things to see and do in Esperance, Western Australia

If you happen to be driving through along the south coast of Western Australia in your ZONE, make sure you stop into Esperance for a few days.