Off-road caravan technology

Off-road RVs built to handle Australian conditions

At Zone RV we’re passionate about pushing the limits of the caravan industry. We believe innovation helps us build lighter, stronger, and smarter caravans.

Our RVs are specifically designed to handle Australia’s harsh off-road terrain. We use composite materials in our manufacturing process to create a premium product that can withstand life on – and off – the Australian road.

Dust free caravan travel

Composite construction means our off-road caravans are 100% sealed when you travel, so that they stay completely dust-free. When you travel off-road on dusty terrain or in wet conditions, you’ll have the peace-of-mind of knowing your Zone RV caravan will be in the same condition as when you set off on your trip.

Zone RV caravans also feature:

  • High-quality lithium battery & solar system (extensive off-grid capabilities)
  • Wi-Ti anti-theft system with GPS tracking system
  • Quality Australian-made components
  • Luxury interior design features

Our technology

Composite construction for caravans

In 2015, Zone RV identified a growing problem in the caravan industry. The total mass GCM of tow vehicle and caravan were generally overweight, which compromised road safety both for caravanners and the Australian public.

Zone RV set out to revolutionise the caravan industry by introducing the first full composite construction off-road caravan. Inspired by our background in building high-end offshore sailing boats and aviation products, we used lighter and stronger composite materials for a safer, smarter travel experience.

And even though the caravan industry is slowly adopting this technology, Zone RV haven’t stood still.

3D printing of caravan materials

We’ve now begun the next stage of innovation by installing the largest 3D printer in the southern hemisphere at our head office in Coolum Beach, Queensland.

This investment will revolutionise the way we manufacture composite materials – pushing caravan manufacturing to new heights and making our off road caravans even lighter, stronger and smarter.

Zone RV is proud to invest in such technology, aiming to not only lead the caravan industry in quality but to bring our customers the very best product on the market.

Australia’s leading composite business

Zone RV’s partner company One Composites manufactures all the composite materials and products used to build our caravans. By manufacturing all these materials in-house at our Coolum Beach HQ, we guarantee the highest quality, Australian-made off-road caravans.

Investing in Manufacturing 4.0

As a company we are transitioning to Manufacturing 4.0 and going digital across our entire business. This change will revolutionise our business, allowing us to continue to push the boundaries of manufacturing and lead the industry with innovative technology.

Contact Zone RV for more information about off-road caravans

If you’d like to find out more about our 100% made-in-Australia composite off-road caravans, just get in touch with Zone RV online. Or, build the perfect caravan for your next off-road adventures using our online configurator here.