Why choose Zone RV?

High quality Australian-made off-road caravans

As an Australian manufacturer, Zone RV are proud to produce all our caravan components in-house at our Coolum facility – including the body, chassis, cabinetry, and toolbox. Our commitment to quality and reliability means you can trust our Australian-made product.

Innovative composite construction

In 2015, Zone RV identified a growing problem in the caravan industry. The total mass GCM of tow vehicle and caravan were generally overweight, which compromised road safety both for caravanners and the Australian public. 

Zone RV set out to revolutionise the caravan industry by introducing the first full composite construction off-road caravan. Inspired by our background in building high-end offshore sailing boats and aviation products, we used lighter and stronger materials for a safer, smarter travel experience. 

Today, Zone RV continues to lead the industry by investing in Australia’s largest 3D printer for caravan materials. It signals the next stage of innovation in manufacturing caravans that are even lighter, stronger, and smarter than before.

Building caravans to handle Australia’s tough off-road conditions

We believe there’s no point investing in a caravan that cannot handle Australia’s harsh off-road terrain. That’s why we use premium composite materials to make off-road caravans specifically to withstand those extreme conditions.

Zone RV caravans’ composite construction creates a completely dust-free and 100% sealed environment, giving you peace-of-mind when you’re travelling on dusty or wet terrain.

Live the Summit Experience with Zone RV

All our team take pride in setting a new industry standard for the best off-road experience possible. We call it the Summit Experience – the highest levels of customer service to reach the peak of expectations.

Zone RV’s values:

  • We value providing a quality service and product that exceeds expectations
  • We value collaboration, innovation, and presentation in everything we do
  • We value change, as it allows for growth and development

The Summit Experience is displayed through our commitment to the customer experience (such as our handover experience at Hangar O) and our commitment to after sales customer service.

Contact Zone RV for more information about off-road caravans

If you’d like to find out more about our 100% made-in-Australia composite off-road caravans, just get in touch with Zone RV online. Or, build the perfect caravan for your next off-road adventures using our online configurator below.