5 Reasons to Safeguard Your Zone RV with the Off-Road Protection Pack

One of most sought after optional upgrades in our Sojourn & Peregrine models, the Protection Pack, is designed to shield your caravan from the harshest terrains, ensuring your peace of mind while exploring off-grid locations. Here is six reasons why the protection has is one of the most common upgrades on our off road caravans.

1) Unmatched Protection for Off-Road Travels

The Off-Road Protection Pack is not just an upgrade; it’s added peace of your beloved Zone RV. With a robust rubberized coating applied to the side walls, drawbar, and rear bar, this engineered protection ensures your caravan stays safe from debris, stones, and potential damage encountered during off-road explorations. Give your Zone RV the best chance to endure the challenges of the road with this cutting-edge safeguard.

2) Affordable Peace of Mind

Your Zone RV is a valuable investment, and protecting it should be a priority. The Protection Pack is like affordable insurance for your caravan, offering you the peace of mind that your cherished home on wheels is shielded from potential harm in vulnerable areas.

3) Deflect Debris with Ease

The rubberized coating of the Protection Pack is designed to deflect debris effortlessly. Whether you’re traversing rocky paths, dusty trails, or muddy tracks, rest assured that your caravan’s exterior is equipped to withstand the impact. Safeguarding your Zone RV with this advanced protection means you can concentrate on the joy of exploration, leaving debris concerns behind.

4) Built to Withstand Extreme Conditions

With the Off-Road Protection Pack, your Zone RV can handle even the harshest environments. Capable of tolerating temperatures up to 120°C, this robust coating maintains its integrity and effectiveness under scorching sun or extreme heat. Whatever the weather conditions, your caravan will be well-prepared to face the challenges head-on.

5) Long-Lasting Performance

Investing in the Off-Road Protection Pack means investing in the long-term durability of your Zone RV. Designed to be permanently elastomeric, this coating ensures flexibility and adaptability without compromising its protective properties. Unlike traditional coatings that may flake, peel, or blister, this advanced solution will stand the test of time, providing consistent protection throughout your off-road journeys.

Upgrade Today and Embrace the Journey

Now that you’ve explored the remarkable benefits of the Off-Road Protection Pack, it’s time to take action and safeguard your Zone RV. Contact us today and let our team equip your Zone RV with the ultimate defense for off-road travels, empowering you to explore with confidence and embark on the journey of a lifetime.