Crispy Boneless Pork Belly

A juicy pork roast with a thick layer of golden crackle. This is the old faithful that would bring the family together of a weekend. Shared with all the trimmings and lashings of gravy, this was a family favourite. We were determined to bring this meal on the road with us so, we invested in a Zeigler and Brown portable oven so we could recreate this memory no matter where we pulled up. 

It’s important to slow down and take the time to enjoy a moment in time with the people around you that matter. When we were still in a house, after hours of work and sparse family time, a pork roast was a tradition where the whole family could get involved and share good music, good company and eventually good food when it cooked. Now we are on the road full time, we still have the same values and have mastered this dish in our Ziggy. We often take the time to slow down and enjoy a campsite with just the four of us and uphold this Pork Roast tradition. If you are a pork lover and love your roast veggies, try this recipe in your portable oven in the van! 




2kg boneless pork roast 



Prepare the pork. Remove from any packaging and pat dry with paper towel until all surfaces feel dry to touch. 

At every 2cm increment across the top of the rind make incisions all the way though until you can see the meat under the fat. 

Zone Rv Pork Belly

Generously apply salt to the skin of your roast and rub it into the grooves, right down to the visible meat. 

Allow to sit on the bench until the meat reaches room temperature. Do not leave uncovered in fridge overnight or excessively dry the skin out. 
Turn the oven on HIGH and allow to preheat until temp as hot as you can get it. We usually aim for 260-280°. The hotter the better to achieve a good crackle during the cook. 

When your temp is as hot as you can get it, place the pork in the oven in a roasting dish or disposable foil tray resting on a trivet. A trivet is essential with a portable oven so you can diffuse the heat around your dish and don’t burn the bottom! 

Leave the temperature on HIGH for the first hour of cooking and do not open the lid! The temperature may drop in the first part of cooking as it works to bring the meat to temperature. No matter how tempting it is, do not lift that lid for the first hour! 

Check your roast after 1 hour of cooking. Cook for 1 more hour on MEDIUM setting or until a knife into the centre of the pork causes clear fluid to escape. If the fluid is still pink, it needs to cook little longer. Check every 5-10 minutes after two hours until liquid runs clear when stabbed. A general rule of thumb is to allow 1hr of cooking to every 1kg of meat.  

Remove the roast from the Ziggy and separate your crackle from the meat. Cut to your liking and ENJOY! 

Zone Rv Pork Belly

Chris, Sian, Jayda & Jack