Reasons why you SHOULD travel Australia with your best mate…

In preparation for our trip around Australia we had been told plenty of times that it might be easier if we left him behind. Most articles or blog posts we came across seemed to be pretty discouraging too, all the amazing National Parks we would have to forfeit or beautiful camping grounds that weren’t dog friendly. But having travelled as a pack many times before closer to home in Western Australia, we were committed to bringing our wing man along…and here’s why you should too.

One of the best parts of travelling around Australia is the people you meet along the way, add a dog into the mix and you’ll quickly find yourself with a nationwide group of friends made simply from conversations that have started with, “can I please pat your dog?”.   It can be a little daunting taking off on the road just by yourself or with your family in the sense that you become reliant on certain levels of interaction. Having your dog with you will either keep your love tank full when long days on the road seem lonely or lead you to cross paths with like-minded people who love dogs and love to travel. Boz has been one of the best ice breakers for making friends on the road which has led us to traveling the coast lines of Tasmania, New South Wales and Queensland with new friends we otherwise might not have met.

Whether your best mate is mice size or beast size the bark of a dog can act as a powerful deterrent for the opposite kind of company too. Let’s face it, whilst we are lucky enough to live in a fairly safe country there are still those times when travelling into remote areas can feel a little sketchy. Whilst thankfully there hasn’t been many of these moments, we’re still convinced that Boz would let us know if there was some bad energy around.

Man’s best friend is resilient…he or she won’t care where you are so long as they are there with you. Whilst traveling Australia surely is amazing there have been plenty of times where the weather hasn’t been on our side or our destination for the night hasn’t been as idyllic as we had imagined. Whilst humans can be quick to get hung up on the little things’ pooches do not. Boz has always raised our spirits, he’s the one bouncing through the puddles when it’s raining or sprinting through the dusty gravel pit even when we would all rather be parked up on lush grass or a beautiful beach. Dogs offer a crucial reminder to be present and make the best of what’s around us and this is really important to practice when travelling Australia. Whilst we can guarantee you will have a steady flow of pooch friendly epic outlooks and beautiful sceneries, travelling long distances on the road isn’t without its shortage of bleak or miserable pit stops. But trust us as owners of one of the happiest creatures on earth, you will be better off with your fluffy reminder in tow.