The Zone RV handover experience

Get comfortable with your new caravan before you hit the road!

We understand that as a caravan and adventure enthusiast, handover day of your new caravan is such an exciting experience – and perhaps a little daunting for some.

So to make sure that you feel comfortable in your new caravan and have the best possible experience, we give you the option to receive your new Zone RV at the stunning 160 acre Hangar O property.

Located just north of Gympie, about an hour from the Zone RV showroom & factory, Hangar O is the perfect spot to spend a couple of nights while you learn all about your new caravan.

The property’s owners and caretakers, Darren & Sam, will host you and help you learn about operating the features of your new van. Darren & Sam have created an oasis based on the vision of escaping the ordinary and providing an experience like no other.  

It’s a great way to spend some time getting comfortable with your new environment before you hit the road on your first adventure!

What’s involved with the handover experience?

The Zone RV handover experience is designed to make sure you feel comfortable and have the opportunity to enjoy your new caravan in a relaxed environment. The experience includes a site for up to 2 nights at Hangar O while you use and learn the new features of your caravan. As your host, Darren will be on-site and available to help and provide relevant information about operating the features of your new van.

We reckon that the opportunity to relax over a 2-night stay gives you the opportunity to become comfortable in a new environment before hitting the road on your new adventures!

Paul & Katie from The Feel Good Family recently picked up their new Sojourn caravan, experienced Hangar O, and would like to share a few words with you about their customer journey experience.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Zone RV community.